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My Limitless Manifesto


This is my word. This is who I am at my core. I am whole and complete and perfect exactly as I am. I believe that this is also who you are. I believe that if we all realized this about ourselves and about each other, we would be unstoppable.

And this goes not just the for people that it is easy to see as this…the Oprahs, the Obamas, the “fill in the blank” with your version of hero. The person you think has it all figured out but Everyone….All encompassing…from the shiniest being to the darkest of the dark.

Let that sink in a minute…is it humanly possible to really mean that? When I say I believe in unlimited potential, can I mean that everyone. How bout for the people that have hurt me or do bad things? Would I be willing to see even Hitler that way? To be authentic in this, I gotta be willing to consider that possibility.

(Resolve Pause)

I believe in cheering you on to your greatness. I believe in being there for the big moments and the mundane.

How do you create this kind of container? How do you have time for the deep work? To embrace no limitations, it means that you have to be willing to give up the story…to give up the bullshit you have been cloaking yourself in for years.

It is mine and I won it. Thank you autocorrect cause that was supposed to “own it” but I DID win it. I won it with perseverance and quiet strength. I believe that I have the ability to win the fight. I won’t back down from the search. I am a seeker, a doer, a believer…I’m willing to uncover and discover.

If you have no limitations than you have never “arrived” at the final destination. There’s no end. Why have I been fighting and desiring to just have finished the journey? It’s constant. It never ends. That is a limitation. That is NOT what I am about.

Listen…but deeply listen. It’s easy to hear….we can turn that on like a light switch. I can’t fix your listen mechanism…you must do the work. BUT, I believe that I can receive your story and hold space for it. I believe that what makes me limitless if my ability to have empathy for your struggle. The struggle is what makes it real. Without the cathartic tears of the authentic experience, the result is purely virtual. I believe people trust me because I am not afraid to climb into the mud to uncover the jewel.

I believe that the power of rebirth is I can create the reality of my choosing and that reality can change. Life is fluid, unfolding, always evolving. I booked a first class ticket on the transformation train and I believe that this was a choice my spirit made before this lifetime. Maybe it never ends…maybe I need to let go of the idea of looking for the final word.

I believe I should come to every experience armed with tissues cause I am NOT in it for the rainbows, sparkles and butterflies. That’s what I think I want cause that is easy but THAT is not my truth. I have been in the dark places and I will shine the light for you.

I said that my limitation was that I don’t think big enough. If I think back at some of the points along the path…I have said things like “how did I get here?” As if there was some kind of magic spell or potion that happened…but the real secret sauce is that “I am limitless”. I have to keep finding the targeted ways to pull back, aim true and let the arrow fly.

Here’s another solid truth. I know you have this limitless seed inside you too and it’s not a pill to take. You have to dig up the dirt, fertilize the soil, nurture the growth, prune what isn’t beneficial and savor what blooms.

I believe that I have the limitless potential to be a voice for the voiceless. To show up real and guide the way. It’s always been that way. I believe that I have played small because it’s was defense mechanism for failure and Today I seriously get out of my own way.

They say “to worry is like praying for bad things to happen”. It is the antithesis of limitless. I do not need to worry because I will do the work and I will show up. That’s what I do.

Distill it down.

To be of service and in service to the limitless potential of myself and others. If I do that then it doesn’t matter what I say or what I do…it all lines up and flows. I don’t have to worry that I am not good enough or any other tape of yesterday’s messages.

It’s about facilitating effective communication – enhancing how to listen, how to translate that and how to reflect back to others. Birth the words…Don’t hold back…it’s the holding back triggers the old response. It’s like stepping with a sure foot. You cannot be limitless if you don’t find your footing. Do it like you mean it! Be the confident llama!

End the end, it doesn’t matter what direction I point my arrow…I AM an arrow. I don’t have to know. I don’t have to decide.

That’s my freedom and I am limitless. <3

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