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My mission is to empower people to grow their practices through strategic social storytelling, navigating issues with burnout and traversing the confidence gaps in their lives. My offerings are not only designed to share the best of what I have learned as an entrepreneur, but to infuse the fundamentals of yoga and positive psychology to empower you and your staff to embrace fearless curiosity and become healthier, happier, more resilient, connected and inspired in your everyday life.

My vision is for every professional to have simple science-based tools for self-awareness, self-compassion and self-care that can be leveraged to create a more conscious life and business without limitations.

I am a Board-Certified Doctor of Audiology

and the owner of Longmont Hearing & Tinnitus Center in Longmont, Colorado.


Managing Burnout  |  Storytelling  |  Confidence

Leadership  |  Women  |  Social Media & Marketing


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Best Audience: Practice Owners, Professional Conferences, Manufacturer Trainings, Universities, Entrepreneurs

A few years ago, the idea of taking time for yourself to decompress and unwind sounded a little superfluous - maybe even worthy of an eye roll, if mentioned in the wrong group of people.  The ethos of the early 2010's was that everyone who was successful was somewhat stressed, slightly over-caffeinated and borderline unhealthy...but that was okay, because we were Getting. Things. Done. 
It's time to flip the script!  We can still achieve great things, but what if the new barometer of success was alertness and restfulness tucked within a balanced experience of wellness and mental health?  And what if this new way of being actually resulted in higher productivity and better employee retention?  


In this one-of-a-kind session, D'Anne shares concrete data on the ramifications of burnout and facilitate 3 key permissions to help move you forward with fun, workshop-style practical tools to reduce stress and tension and leave with feelings of empowered connection.  
* Understand the research and science-based data on stress and burnout and how it impacts you, your employees and your personal connections.
* Learn proven, practical tools for managing stress in the moment and in the long term.
* Hands-on practice to implement one or more proven methods to reduce stress and improve wellness in their personal life and business.

Bring your sense of adventure and willingness to rumble with what stressors may be holding you back. Permission to Chill....granted!  

Story Your Way to Social Media Success

Best Audience: Practice Owners, Professional Conferences, Manufacturer Trainings, Universities, Entrepreneurs

Social media marketing has evolved.
The future of social influence requires switching from relaying product facts to telling engaging stories that inspire trust and influence behavior.
Learn how to capture attention and keep your audience engaged with proven techniques to craft authentic messages.
With an increasingly distracted marketplace, your social media strategy must appeal to logic, emotion and core values.
D’Anne inspires audiences and gives them the confidence to switch the story default to increase effectiveness, enhance relationships, and ultimately generate more revenue.
Think about it. Previously, all other things equal the business with the best location won.  Now, whoever has the best story, wins.


D’Anne takes her audiences on an interactive, hands-on journey to
  • Understand the chemistry of human communication and how storytelling can be as powerful as a direct experience.
  • Understand the unique power of our stories, the lessons we learn from them and the universal truths that tie all humans together.
  • Learn easily accessible ways to get clarity on your message.
  • Make stronger connections with people in a shorter amount of time.
  • Take proven storytelling strategies and translate them to your unique voice.


Addressing the Confidence Gap

Best Audience: Universities, Professional Associations, Manufacturer Trainings, Conferences, Entrepreneurs

Despite our progress, clinical providers often appear invisible at key points in the changing healthcare conversation with other professionals and consumers alike. Could our collective self-doubt or inflated self-importance be our undoing? This invisible chasm can sideswipe achieving personal and professional goals. A growing body of evidence shows the impacts of confidence in the workplace. Success correlates as closely with confidence as it does with competence. Examining the implicit biases that exist and how we can work together to bridge the gap.
D'Anne teaches the art of bridging your gaps where you will learn to
  • Identify the key aspects of how confidence (or a lack of) can hinder personal and professional success
  • Evaluate the science behind the effects of confidence on the brain and body
  • Understand the potential of the overconfidence bias to derail our collective success in today’s healthcare arena
  • Practice tangible ways to challenge the status quo mindset and forward both the profession and the individual practitioner’s goals.
Is it a confidence deficit, a misunderstanding of self-importance or a just plain opportunity gap that prevents industry leaders from achieving their full potential? Students and seasoned professionals alike are seeking tangible ways to view the future of the profession and their place within it.  Science exists that can shine a light on our shortcomings and lead us toward a new way of stepping into the future. 
Bring your true authentic self, a desire of self-discovery and an openness to participate in transformation.


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